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Montag, 27. Juni 2011

LIKE *Thumb up

                                          I LIKE MY NEW DRESS :D 

                                              AND I LIKE THE WEATHER !  *THUMB UP' 

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

bad day but something good happened

Today I saw a post of a hot guy and I saw he's from Hamburg so I take a look at his pictures and his profil. I wondering why I already had him at facebook, Than I saw he's in a band and I listen to the music of the band and I thought "such a good band with such a hot guitarist" because of that I want to present you this band called   "youfailme" On their website they're saying: "Rock Music is a flexible therm today and the countless kinds of music the musicians get negligent pressed into too often, reach into the vast. So. (Or perhaps precisely for that reason) YouFailMe pursue their own sound, and have made ​​it to their mission to break the laws of thinking of the society." ( ) 
So take a look at this band, they're also at facebook just search for youfailme :) 
Here is one oh their songs: 

And look how cute they're are :

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

I'm not like the other girls!

I swear I'll break you!


how I feel about u ?

My last post is a long time ago. I have a new Idea what do you think about a v-blog? Should I do ?  

But another theme. 

How feel.. It's hard do expalin. I'm happy to know you and about loving u , I'm sad 'cause u never will love me or something like that. I dream about u but I know ur only playing, but I'll show u that I can play the same game. I hate u. I love u. I miss u. I want u. I' will never get u even for one night but I don't want it. I said  hard to explain and even harder to understand. 

...the last attempt to escape from certainty. [...] Or you can leave out the aggression inward, but it leads to more severe damage.